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A selection of creative campaigns, behind-the-scenes images and personal projects – our news section is filled with inspirational creative content.

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Matt Jensen for Bettina Liano

Studio Mondo took the lead shooting Bettina Liano’s latest denim campaign. Handling production from start to finish, we recruited Pat Harris for videography and our seasoned Head of Content, Matt Jensen, for the lookbook and campaign stills.

Matt managed all creative for lookbook and campaign, building an industrial set in studio and finding some perfect locations to highlight BL’s signature yellow.

Five styling videos were filmed and edited by Pat Harris with Clair Fabb in front of the lens, styling by Mondo’s Danielle Valentine and scripts written by resident copywriter, Amalia Cole.

The shoot was a great success with all assets slowly rolling out across the Bettina Liano socials.

Hats off to our teams for fitting all three parts into a single day shoot!

Automotive Photography by Adam Kola

Some of us were wondering why Mondo photographer Adam Kola had a new vehicle every couple of weeks, but looking through his folio, we can begin to understand…

As our resident car photographer, Adam doesn’t seem to stop in his down time, producing a myriad of images for a variety of car brands.

Adam’s love of photography stems from his interest in extreme sports, and he came to realise that there is much more to the image than just the action, thus an eye for landscapes formed.

Throughout his career, Adam has been fortunate to travel a lot and participate in numerous road trips, and from this lifestyle a passion for car photography developed. This style of photography allows Adam to seek out interesting rural and urban landscapes to add an extra element to his work.

Adam essentially wishes to draw a larger audience into a niche world, so even if you aren’t too interested in the focus subject, hopefully the backdrop is kind on the eyes; an ethos Adam tries to bring into automotive work – to appreciate the image as a whole.

Click above to scroll through Adam’s images…

Grant Matthews at the Powerhouse Museum

Head to Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum this month for their exhibition ‘Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson: Step Into Paradise’.

A combination of the museum and designers’ personal collections, featured are iconic works by the two trailblazers in Australian fashion.

Keep an eye out for the odd snap by our own Grant Matthews — a very welcome throwback.

Studio Mondo X GIRL X EziBuy

We wrapped another season of EziBuy last month and before we switch into AW20 mode, we have taken some time to reflect on the pages of content our teams have developed.

Our resident videographer Adam Kola has been working closely with EziBuy and the incredible art directors at GIRL to produce some fresh online and social media content, with lighting assistance by Michael French and Adam himself editing all videos in studio.

Click on the above gallery to view a few of Adam’s videos, along with accompanying stills by Michael French, retouched by the team at Mondo.

Pink Hope @ Studio Mondo

It was our pleasure to have Pink Hope in studio for the fourth year in a row. With a focus on preventative health, Pink Hope allows individuals access to the right tools to reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, while providing support for women and families at risk or affected. Pink Hope’s purpose and values are worth supporting, and it was wonderful to see Prue Aja fly in for the day to shoot, donating her time to create all content for Pink Hope’s Pink Lipstick Day campaign.

The day was incredibly positive with a spirited crew, plenty of families walking through our doors and a spread of our favourite Wafu to keep everyone going.

Visit Pink Hope’s website and social media for more information on what they do, and click above to scroll through some images from the day.

Creative Collaboration with Matt Jensen

It is rare we find a moment for pure creativity — no brief, no restrictions, just a crew who is willing to collaborate toward some kind of magic.

Our Head of Content, Matt Jensen, rounded up a crew to do just that. Utilising one of the studios on a Sunday afternoon, everyone was there for the sole purpose of creating.

The results are pretty striking and really show the power of a set of creatives with the freedom to innovate openly and collaboratively.

Add a first-time model and a stylist at the beginning of her studies into the mix and the outcome improves even more!

Note the only retouching completed was to remove obvious skin blemishes and flyaways, but the rest is all in camera.

Hair stylist Scott Sheehy from Toni & Guy has submitted the images to a global competition. We are wishing them luck!

Creative Sundays: Harry Dixon

Once a month we open up the studios for our freelance community to build their personal portfolios and collaborate on a creative project.

One of our focuses at Mondo is supporting up and coming talent, giving them the resources to build their portfolios and opportunities to work with our major clients.

October’s standout was Harry Dixon, capturing dancer Laura Vlasic’s focus and poise on both digital and 35mm film.

“I’m amazed by the gracefulness and intricacy of dancing and it was something I’ve been interested in capturing. I used a few different sets and techniques but wanted to keep it quite clean and simple as to keep focus on the dancer’s poses and movement.”

Browse through the gallery to see Harry’s work…