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Newborns and New Mondo Mums!

There has been something in the air in our studios, with the sixth Mondo baby in a year being born just a few weeks ago.

A huge congratulations to our Post Co-ordinator Emma, Producer Ally and Photographer Lucie who have each become first-time mothers over the past few months.

In the early hours of the 18th of November, Emma gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Evelyn Rose. Now a few months old, Evelyn is starting to develop her own bubbly personality and keep Emma incredibly busy. Through her support network here in Sydney, and Ally being a huge help, Emma is loving her new journey of motherhood.

Ally welcomed a baby girl just over two weeks early and a week before she was set to begin maternity leave. A wonderful Christmas gift, Elara Jade Fawcett was born on the 17th of December, weighing at 3.42kg. Her smiley, cuddly nature leaves Ally with an inexplicable feeling of joy, and Ally admits the time is already flying by.

Finally, just a few weeks ago, Lucie welcomed little one Amalie Audrey Collier. Amalie was born on the 8th of February weighing at just 3.32kg, and we can’t wait to meet her.

Welcome to the family all!