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In 2012, we were tasked by David Jones to provide a solution for the creation of content for their new ecommerce platform. Challenging in both scope and scale, we proposed that we build an entire custom photographic studio at their Silverwater warehouse.

We created the studio in the space of a few weeks and recruited staff to produce the photography, write the copy, style the collections, cast talent and manage cost negotiations. We also recognised the need for efficient technology, and designed a custom web portal for David Jones to issue and track briefs and for us to deliver content.

In three years we have produced over 300,000 high-quality ecommerce images and written copy for over 125,000 product descriptions. In 2013, we expanded our partnership when they approached us to produce their creative catalogue photography. We now create visual content for over 10 printed catalogues a year and produce all of their online photography.

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