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Automotive Photography by Adam Kola

Some of us were wondering why Mondo photographer Adam Kola had a new vehicle every couple of weeks, but looking through his folio, we can begin to understand…

As our resident car photographer, Adam doesn’t seem to stop in his down time, producing a myriad of images for a variety of car brands.

Adam’s love of photography stems from his interest in extreme sports, and he came to realise that there is much more to the image than just the action, thus an eye for landscapes formed.

Throughout his career, Adam has been fortunate to travel a lot and participate in numerous road trips, and from this lifestyle a passion for car photography developed. This style of photography allows Adam to seek out interesting rural and urban landscapes to add an extra element to his work.

Adam essentially wishes to draw a larger audience into a niche world, so even if you aren’t too interested in the focus subject, hopefully the backdrop is kind on the eyes; an ethos Adam tries to bring into automotive work – to appreciate the image as a whole.

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