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Mondo Christmas Party

The team sailed off into what should have been a sunset for Studio Mondo’s annual Christmas cruise. Instead of sunshine, we were met with wind, rain and cooler temperatures, however this didn’t put off the party. With plenty of beverages and a barbeque on board, we had a wonderful time jumping ship into the ocean, even with a few testing their balance on the stand-up paddleboard. Later dancing our way into the evening, the cruise was a welcome celebration of all that Studio Mondo accomplished in 2018. Hello 2019, we’re onto you…

Click on the gallery above to see what went down.

Bettina Liano for Target

The iconic Bettina Liano is returning this year with a powerful denim line. Sold through Target, the line focuses on cult classic styles and an immaculate fit.

Studio Mondo worked with the BL team in studio, shooting campaign imagery and two videos to introduce the range.

Titus Pengelly was behind the lens for stills, with Pat Harris as videographer and Adam Kola assisting. Amalia Cole wrote the voiceover script, while Alison Fawcett was lead producer.

After viewing peeks of the final product, we can’t wait to share the results with you. Stay tuned for the video releases throughout the Bettina Liano website and social media.

New Faces at Studio Mondo

(Left to right: Ian Thomas, Simone Stoicov, Vanessa Martins, Anna Kim, Elysia Roach, Dani Valentine, Darren Pubrick.)

We have had a few staff movements at Studio Mondo over the past few months (hello new Mondo mums!) and are stoked to welcome some shiny new (and some familiar) faces to the full-time Mondo Team.

Joining the Post Production team is Ian Thomas, a Sydney-based photographer and editor with experience in pre-media and videography. On the Post team, we also have Simone Stoicov, bringing her experience from TBWA, along with Elysia Roach with a broad resume of wedding and portrait photography on top of her retouching prowess.

Loaded with experience, Darren Pubrick leads the Post Production team. A Laureate University lecturer, Darren has specialised in photography and imaging for various newspapers and has worked in SFX on a few low key movies, including Star Wars I: Phantom Menace, Mummy 2 and Avengers.

Inside the Studio, familiar face Anna Kim offers her artistic edge while assisting with Mondo’s daily management and logistics. Previously a freelancer, we are glad to have Anna now joining us five days a week.

Another familiar face, U.K. native, Dani Valentine, joins Studio Mondo full-time as our lead stylist. Dani is a jack of all trades with experience in all aspects of eCommerce including photography and graphic design, working in eco-fashion to the set of Downton Abbey.

Finally, Vanessa Martins has relocated from New York to down-under as producer at Mondo. Gaining her experience from working with Coach for many years, Vanessa is already a key player and we would be lost without her.

With these new additions to the Studio Mondo team, we are truly ready for whatever 2019 throws at us.

Newborns and New Mondo Mums!

There has been something in the air in our studios, with the sixth Mondo baby in a year being born just a few weeks ago.

A huge congratulations to our Post Co-ordinator Emma, Producer Ally and Photographer Lucie who have each become first-time mothers over the past few months.

In the early hours of the 18th of November, Emma gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Evelyn Rose. Now a few months old, Evelyn is starting to develop her own bubbly personality and keep Emma incredibly busy. Through her support network here in Sydney, and Ally being a huge help, Emma is loving her new journey of motherhood.

Ally welcomed a baby girl just over two weeks early and a week before she was set to begin maternity leave. A wonderful Christmas gift, Elara Jade Fawcett was born on the 17th of December, weighing at 3.42kg. Her smiley, cuddly nature leaves Ally with an inexplicable feeling of joy, and Ally admits the time is already flying by.

Finally, just a few weeks ago, Lucie welcomed little one Amalie Audrey Collier. Amalie was born on the 8th of February weighing at just 3.32kg, and we can’t wait to meet her.

Welcome to the family all!

Uber Eats X Coles

We were delighted to have the Uber Eats and Special Group teams in the studio, shooting a fresh campaign to promote a collaboration with Coles.

Studio Mondo produced the shoot and was accompanied by James Beard Award-winning photographer, Petrina Tinslay, who took the final images. We can assure you the studio was smelling like a Sunday roast for a few days.

Click above to see the imagery from the shoot, and prepare yourself for the cravings that will come with.

A Day with the Clontarf Foundation

We recently welcomed a group from the Clontarf Foundation for a work experience day at Studio Mondo, giving them an insight into all things photography, digital operations and production.

The Clontarf Foundation is a non-profit organisation that assists in the education and employment of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men.

Beginning with a meet-and-greet with Grant and the team, the group of teens were then given a tour through the active studios to get an idea of a day-in-the-life at Mondo.

Heading into a workshop with Matt, Darren and Camilo, the boys were taught photography lighting, retouching and how to set up a studio, leaving with a few portrait shots each.

We had a blast with these kids in studio, and with their infectious energy and willingness to learn, they even taught us a few things.

Creative Sundays

Sundays at Studio Mondo are reserved for squeezing out that last ounce of creative energy the week has to offer. Partaking this month was our Studio Manager, Camilo Bustamante who was keen to play with light and shadow on set. Modelled by a close friend, Cam’s finished work offers a mood set in the 60’s, and is titled, “Iain from Greyhound”.

Click above for a larger image.

Women Supporting Women with Claudia Smith

Some test shoots just need to be shared, and this is the case for Claudia Smith’s recent project.

Part of a larger, ongoing project, the shoot was a chance for Claudia to bring together a team of strong women who inspire each other and want to practice their craft.

Claudia’s goal was to explore studio lighting, bringing six models into Studio D with Maxwell Finch to assist, Emma Boseley styling, and the talented Yuki Kano and Chisato Chris Arai on hair and make-up.

There was high energy on set and the models were allowed the opportunity to simply be themselves, enjoying the studio music and expressing their feelings through shapes and movement.

The result? A series of powerful images capturing the skillsets and intuition of a team of women who support each other’s work.

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