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The Bloggers are Back

After the run(a)way success of their first season, the Fashion Bloggers have been back in Studio D shooting for a second season, which launched on June 4 2015. Tune in to E! every Thursday night at 9:30pm to catch Zanita and her pals gallivanting the globe, and sharing their reflections and thoughts on all things fashion. All behind the scenes shots by Julia Wheeler.

In Vino Veritas

Design agency The Collective has recently been shooting lots of wine with Mondo’s own Benjamin Storrier. Mondo was tasked with creating some beautiful and moody photographs of Casella’s wares for their Wine Collection Portfolio. Everyone had a great time on set and the dark bottles made sure that no one even noticed the missing vino.

Turning Japanese

Without realising until a day before their departure, two of our Mondo legends recently set off on separate virgin adventures to the land of the rising sun. Both journeyed to Osaka, Tokyo and the Northern Alps, sighting the food and mountain exploration as highlights of their trips (in amongst some “major shrine fatigue”, as Sarah put it, doing all the usual tourist sights around Kyoto and Osaka). Both returned with tales aplenty, but we reckon their photographs sum up their escapades just perfectly.


You Beauty

Seung Rok’s been at it again, shooting for fun on his weekends as well as dominating the studios from Monday to Friday. Ever a master of combining flawless lighting with unique hair and make up creativity, this most recent beauty editorial was shot for Elements Magazine. Keep up to date with Seung’s work on his Instagram feed @Seung_Rok.

The Devil in the Detail

Telling a story with inanimate objects is a creative collaboration between stylist and photographer, balancing the disciplines of lighting and composition. It’s all about creating distinctive shapes and finding interesting ways for garments to interact. Thankfully Seung Rok is a seasoned storyteller, as evidenced by this recent work done for Tarocash. Check out the full range on their website.