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European Vacation

Remember your first trip to the wonderful wilds of Europe and the northern hemisphere? Ah, warm London lagers, skipping between countries and cultures in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes… well, our studio manager Chelsea has just returned refreshed from her first trip to Europe to attend a UK summer wedding and to traipse around the French countryside. Take a look at her snaps.

Wine O’Clock

Wine O’Clock

Our resident light geek, Ben Storrier, loves a challenge. So when an opportunity arose to work with Taylors Wines recently – shooting their finest red amongst some carefully sculpted paper – he jumped at the chance. Rather than capture their product in the customary table setting, Taylors wanted something unique; a way to pay homage to the quality of this particular vino, a bottle of 2010 “The Visionary” Cabernet Sauvignon (a leisurely $150 a bottle, if you don’t mind).

Paper stylist and illustrator Stuart McLachlan provided the set design, while Ben (under the art direction of The Collective) refined the lighting to ensure all the details were captured perfectly – important when the end result is to be a 5.5m wide billboard at Sydney and Melbourne airports. We only wish they’d left a bottle behind for us!


EziBuy recently decided to go tropical for their 2014 holiday catalogues and sent the team to Fiji. Grant led the team through a busy few days of cocktails by the pool and they even managed to take a few photos in between. The trip was a fantastic success with only one crew member ending up in hospital).

Check out some behind the scenes pics and instagrams here. (credits to @nik_to, @mondogrant, @jackfriels, @budi_juspandi)



Hot on the heels of all hallows eve is Mondo Folio’s latest artist project — Fear.
We’ll be mailing this out to everyone shortly — so get ready for a fright.

Going Coastal

You may have seen Hugh Hartshorne’s latest campaign for Destination NSW splattered all over bus shelters and the like lately. The vivid blues and greens of that South Coast wonderland have had us day-dreaming about summer weekenders and adventures away. It all looks so lovely that we’re sure Sydney is going to be completely empty over summer as everyone heads out into these beautiful holiday spots.

Lost to the Hounds

There were sad faces all round Mondo recently as we bid bye-bye to our Silverwater superwoman Hayley Fowler in October. It seems her constant companion – the loveable Boz-dog – has finally stolen her away from her day job and convinced her that the way of the hound is the way of the future. Mondo threw a fitting farewell in the form of a family dinner at The Mondo Diner (Studio D with candles, tables and music), which involved a great deal of Japanese food, sake and cake, not to mention a wonderfully poetic speech from Hayley herself. Stepping up to the plate out at Silverwater is the very capable Maria! Thanks for everything Hayles.